rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Sixteen, Day One

The mild days we've been enjoying will soon come to an end. Friday is expected to be chilly, and beginning Saturday there will be a stretch that could bring rain, and will also be quite a bit cooler. Since I won't be going anywhere anyway I'll enjoy the rain, though the cold is going to push up my utility costs.

My plan to go to Safeway Tuesday collapsed when I fell asleep shortly after noon (after having been awake sine two o'clock in the morning) and then didn't wake up until almost four o'clock. It was just too late to go, considering that nothing on my shopping list was essential. There were a few things it would have been nice to have on hand, but I can do without any of them.

For dinner I baked one of my frozen vegetable lasagnas, and made some garlic toast. Opening the oven set off the smoke/carbon dioxide alarm again. I'm sure the thing is set wrong, but I have no idea how to adjust it, and this is not a good time to have anybody in to fix it. I just turned on the HAVC fan and the alarm stopped in less than a minute, so I guess I can put up with the inconvenience.

Despite having ended a nap just nine hours ago I'm feeling tired and sleepy, so I'm going to go read in bed, and probably soon nod off. In fact I might go to sleep on the way into the bedroom. It feels like that kind of night.

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