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Reset Fifteen, Day Twenty-nine [Dec. 7th, 2020|07:19 am]
Up and freezing, though the thermostat is set at 70, which also happens to be today's expected high. It's still chilly outside right now, of course, in the early morning dark, but not as cold as recent nights. I have no idea why I feel as cold as I do. I just slept for about six hours, and for a normal person sleeping from about ten o'clock in the evening until four o'clock in the morning might be quite a normal schedule, for me it's strange and disorienting. I'm not a freaking farmer.

But farmer or not, today I'm arranged to go get food. Semi-arranged anyway. I'll get a ride around two o'clock, if I manage to be awake then. But surely I can stay awake for ten hours, right? Well, it's not something I can count on anymore. About the only thing I can remember about Sunday is that I woke up around eleven o'clock in the morning, and then I fell asleep again at ten o'clock in the evening, from which sleep I recently woke. In that period between being asleep and being awake, random phrases ran through my thoughts (as they do) and this time I remembered one: I broke a sad against the wall and now it comes to derange me. There's a real WTF for you.

Oh, I remembered something else about Sunday. I used the stream setting on the nozzle to semi-power wash the bird crap chair. The bird crap chair is my favorite surviving chair in the back yard, but this year it got covered with bird crap, again and again. I think I've mentioned the volunteer plants that came up in the spring, and though I suspected them to be weeds I let them grow when I saw the butterflies visited them, and then when the pants got bigger they grew clusters of purple berries that the birds enjoyed, so I've spent the summer and fall seeing lots of happy birds visit the yard and perch on my favorite chair and crap purple droppings. I wash them off, the birds make more, and there is always a bit of stain left after washing. Sort of a pretty color, but I have to sit on a different chair most of the time.

I'm not looking forward to going out today, but the banking and shopping must be done, and I haven't set up online banking or started ordering groceries for pickup or delivery because reasons. Old habits die hard, even when they become deadly to me. I've arranged and rearranged my shopping lists, to try to maximize their efficiency and thus minimize the time I'll be in the stores, but the lists still have a lot of tentative and conditional items on them, and I can't remember where many things are in most of the stores. That I might be exhausted by that time of day is an additional factor that could slow me down.

Light is coming into the sky now, and birds are coming into the yard to eat berries and crap on my chair. I'd like to sit in it for a few minutes before they befoul it again. I didn't have dinner last night, but only finished off the last of the popcorn. I also broke another bit off of a disintegrating tooth. I should probably eat something. It should probably be something soft. I think I'll make some grits, and maybe some chocolate milk with the last of the carton, if it hasn't soured yet. Good times.