rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Fifteen, Day Twenty-seven

Sitting here at after eight o'clock in the morning is very weird, but the catawampusness has taken over. Friday I slept from about ten o'clock in the morning until four o'clock in the afternoon, and then went back to sleep around ten o'clock in the evening and didn't wake up until two o'clock in the morning. It sort of looks like I'm heading toward that 25 1/2 hour day that is characteristic of manic depression, which I had for several years during the 1970s. Back then I had a doctor who was able to reset my body clock, though it took about two years to do it, but if it happens again I'm probably on my own.

The time between waking up and actually being fully awake my brain just wanders about and produces a lot of odd, transient thoughts. It's like wandering through an encampment of homeless ideas. Even those that aren't obviously crazy are disheveled and a bit odd, and most of them are likely to eventually be arrested for vagrancy. They wander about aimlessly, and if for a moment or two they seem to make sense, they soon veer of into incoherence. I wonder if they were always there, unnoticed, or have only recently moved in?

Back in the real world, I heated a can of soup. I still have have quite a few of those. Eating it din't make me feel particularly sane, but it did remind me that I once did, and for now that's enough. I look forward to getting some donuts soon, as they are, when available, part of a routine that suggests rationality is still possible. I doubt they can stop the language from disintegrating though. Even frosted fired dough has its limits.

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