rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Fifteen, Day Twenty-four

As taking the wheelie bin out to the street was the most exciting thing to happen Monday, bringing it back was the highlight of Tuesday. Two days in a row of wheelie bin fun is almost more than I can deal with. I'll surely find it difficult to sleep tonight, after so much excitement. To top it off, a train passed through Chico a while ago while I was outside, and that had me on the edge of my seat (canvas yard chair) listening to hear if it ran into any cars along the route. That happens now and then, Chico having so many crossings. It didn't this time, which was a great relief. I'll only need one drink to calm my nerves. Had there been a crash I'd have needed at least two.

The chilly nights have me being quite extravagant with the furnace. It's set at 69 degrees right now. A couple of years ago I found 66 quite adequate, but it has been creeping up steadily. In summer I had the air conditioning set at 76, which was four degrees lower than I usually had it the previous year. I just can't deal with extremes of temperature as well as I once did. I should probably live in Hawaii, which is surrounded by the world's largest temperature moderator.

Recently I've remembered a few dreams in part. Actually it's just one dream, but I've had it more than once. It doesn't amount to much. It's me driving on some very steep and winding roads through a place that's partly rustic and partly built up. I have no idea where I am going, or getting away from, but there is a sense of urgency the entire time. Other than that it is quite boring. It's an odd dream to have since I don't drive, but then I rarely dream either, or rarely remember the dreams I have. I've heard that many people are having more, and more vivid, dreams during this strange time, so it's probably not any personal portent. I'm just part of the dreaming crowd. Thanks, Covid.

Rather stupidly I let the battery in my phone/Internet hot spot run down again tonight, so I've had to wait to post this entry until the device picked up enough of a charge to function again. It ought to be ready by now, so I'll go set the Internet back up. Ah, there it is. The digital junkie's fix!

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