rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Fifteen, Day Twenty-three

The big excitement Monday was taking the wheelie bin out to the street. Though I didn't wake up until around two o'clock in the afternoon I found myself nodding off at the computer not long after sunset, but I resisted the urge to go take a nap, so I ought to be able to get to sleep by five o'clock this morning.

I had a two-part dinner, melting a couple of slices of cheese into a folded tortilla about five o'clock, then microwaving a ramen bowl around midnight. The bedtime snack I'm eating right now is a fairly stale granola bar I unearthed while shifting things around in a cupboard. There are three more just like it, so I'm likely to be having stale granola bars for the next few days, unless of course I forget they are there again.

My Internet speed is back to normal with the arrival of a new month. I ended up using about 40 gb in November, which astonishes me. Anyway, I'm celebrating tonight by playing some YouTube videos without the interruptions I suffered the previous eight days because my speed was being choked. I ought not to celebrate for too long, though, or I'll get choked even earlier this month.

Still no particular plans made for this month's banking and shopping trip, but the supermarket ads don't come out until Wednesday, so there's no point doing it until then. I have a list of stuff I'm out of or nearly out of which I'll have to buy even if it isn't on sale, and it's already pretty long, so the shopping bill might be fairly large this month. The rent money from the insurance company will be running out soon, so I'll have to start dipping in to the money for the loss of the building and contents, which means I ought to be more careful about what else I spend.

I was hoping the real estate market would soften a bit before now, so I might find something I could afford to buy, but that hasn't happened. I don't know what California's deal is, but real estate keeps going up even in a pandemic and even though the state is on fire every summer now. Right now it's looking like I'll never own a house again and will end up spending everything on rent.

Five O'clock. Time to sleep.

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