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Reset Fifteen, Day Twenty-two [Nov. 30th, 2020|04:57 am]
So I dug out my warmer comfy pants, and going outside during these chilly nights is not so uncomfortable anymore. I don't know why I didn't remember I had them a couple of weeks ago. Slow brain I guess. I managed four hours of sleep Sunday morning, and was awake by two o'clock in the afternoon, so there's a good chance I'll be able to get to sleep before dawn tonight, and then wake up at a decent hour this afternoon. I'm really eager to get a routine routine again.

The large family living in the large front apartment here moved out over the weekend, so there will be a time during which I'll have improved access to the laundry room. The population of the complex has just been halved. I hope I can remember that during the times of day when it's convenient to get out there.

The next several days are still expected to have highs above normal for the time of year, but the nights will be quite typically Decembery, which means large diurnal ranges, which I do not enjoy. It's going to get close to freezing a few nights. Having no need to go out helps, but this apartment does tend to cling to cold despite its good insulation. It probably has to do with the concrete slab floor, which is always cold to my feet, so I always have to wear footgear indoors. Sometimes I miss wall-to-wall carpeting. It is certainly cozier than laminate.

Time slipping away again. I need to get to sleep.