rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Fifteen, Day Eighteen

Given the timing, the grilled cheese sandwich I just ate might have been Wednesday's dinner, or it might have been Thursday's breakfast. I had a late (but still pre-dinner) nap Wednesday and woke up around two o'clock in the morning, and since I had beer with the sandwich I'm going to say it was Wednesday dinner, since beer for breakfast sounds unappetizing, and maybe even a bit too decadent. In fact I probably won't have breakfast today, even when I wake up this afternoon at god-knows-what time, since I ate my last donut yesterday. I'll have to eat cookies or something today, and I think everyone would agree that cookies are not a suitable breakfast.

Wait, Thursday. Isn't that supposed to be Thanksgiving? I don't have anything planned. Maybe I should have saved the grilled cheese for dinner. There isn't any turkey ramen. Would chicken be okay? I don't want to be arrested for un-American activities. But I guess I won't worry about it yet. It's ours away, and I still have to get through my morning sleep. A lot can happen in a few hours, especially when one is asleep. I've heard that Rip van Winkle went to sleep and didn't wake up for twenty years. But he was a bowler or something, and I haven't bowled since I was a kid, so that probably won't happen to me.

Anyway. November is almost over, which means 2020 is almost over, and so far there's no reason to be sad about that, so I suppose I'm full of holiday cheer, or as close to holiday cheer as i'm likely to get. Full of something, anyway. It looks like morning outside, and I hear birds. Happy Thanksgiving, and to all a good night.

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