rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Fifteen, Day Sixteen

The nap came earlier Monday night. It began around seven o'clock and ended shortly after midnight. I wasn't quite as depressed waking up in the dark as I have been recently, so maybe I'm getting used to it, but it's still a melancholy event. The various thoughts and images that run through my mind as I lie abed in the post-sleep haze are so random and unrelated, and though sometimes fascinating (if somewhat disturbing) while happening, they still have no staying power. They are like the old canard about Chinese food: half an hour later you want to daydream again.

Speaking of food, I napped before dinner and woke up hungry so I microwaved a ramen bowl, but that was hours ago and I'm hungry again. I found some old packaged french fires in the freezer and microwaved those, but they didn't look appetizing so I then fried them in olive oil. Because I got distracted some of them burned, and they ended up carbonized on one side and pale on the other, but I ate them anyway. The ones that didn't burn turned out pretty good, though of a mealier texture than I like, so by the usual standards of my cooking I'd consider that a success. If they don't make me sick I'll probably make them again someday.

There's supposed to be a 20% chance of rain Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, but I'm not really expecting it to happen. If it does, I wouldn't expect more than occasional sprinkles. It's cold out, but it just doesn't feel like rain weather. The right joints aren't aching.

I figured out why the Internet was so slow Sunday. I checked my usage and it turns out I've hit 30Gb. That means they are choking my speed. I never used to use that much bandwidth in a month, and now I'm hitting it three weeks in. It's partly the pandemic, since I'm in all day now while i used to go out for a couple of hours to visit stores and look at the books at the Goodwill store. Also a lot of web sites have caught on to my ad blocker, and won't let me see anything unless I whitelist them, and the ads, frequently on video, are using up a lot of bandwidth. I'll have to be more selective in the future and spend less time on those sites. I don't really need to stay that connected to American culture anyway. I'm pretty sure it's on its last legs, in any case, and I surely am.

I remember fragments of a dream from my last sleep. There are no details, but I was definitely riding in a car. I hope that doesn't happen again. It's bad enough that I sometimes have to ride around in actual cars, and I'd just as soon they didn't invade my dreams.

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