rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Fifteen, Day Twelve

So being a bit short of sleep Thursday I decided to have a nap around six o'clock in the evening, expecting to sleep maybe two hours, or three at the most, but ended up sleeping until eleven. There's really no reason I should be surprised at this, given how irregular my sleep non-schedule has become, but I was surprised anyway. I'm getting way more sleep than I used to, even considering the fact that I often lie in bed for an hour or two after waking up. I suppose I need it, and it's better than getting too little sleep.

At some point I microwaved a bowl of spicy ramen, and things felt sort of normal for about an hour, but since then I've gone all fuzzy and distracted again. I'm about to make some toast with cream cheese, as I don't feel quite ready to sleep again yet, and if I don't eat now then by the time I do want to go to sleep I'll be too hungry and will have to stay up to fox something, and then the sun will come up and make sleeping even harder. Weirdness all the time anymore.

Now that the cold front has passed through the night is back down into the thirties, but today is still supposed to get up to 65. Peak temperatures that low don't have any staying power, so by dusk it will probably be back down into the forties again. I'm not going to be spending too much time sitting the the back yard.

Got distracted again and forgot to post. Look how late it is.

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