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Slice Facetious Compote [Nov. 14th, 2020|04:34 am]
So I must have slept about five hours, from just before nine o'clock to sometime before two this morning. I woke up with those odd clumps of words (that sound like phrases but aren't) running through my head. With no clock handy and no light coming through the blinds to cast time-revealing shadows on the walls I didn't know when it was, but I imagined it might be very late again. When I finally roused myself and found the cellphone charging in the bathroom it was only two o'clock in the morning. The middle of the night, more or less. What does one do in such circumstances? I fired up the computer and ate a banana. It seemed as sensible as anything else.

But I'm still puzzled. I've always been puzzled, so this is no surprise, but acknowledging that I'm puzzled and thinking I ought to be surprised is a bit of a surprise. I tried to remember some of those clumps of words (that sounded like phrases but weren't) but I only recalled one. Words are strange things. Brains are even stranger. My brain seems to have a mind of its own. We aren't on speaking terms, though we both have plenty of words. The words just don't make sense. Maybe I'm still asleep and this is all a dream. But probably not. It would be the first time I know of that I ever ate a banana in my sleep, and there's the peel right over there. Proof! But proof of what? Hell if I know. I'm just a stranger here. Stranger and stranger every damned day.

I could probably go on like this for some time, but probably shouldn't, so I won't. If only all this broken stuff could be fixed.