rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Fifteen, Day Four

So before going to sleep Wednesday morning I picked up the book of short stories I've been reading, thinking I'd probably just read a couple of pages and nod off, but the story turned out to be Raymond Chandler's Red Wind, which kept me awake until I finished it, by which time it was daylight, which made it difficult to get to sleep, which led to me not getting up until after three o'clock in the afternoon again. It's all very depressing.

The chance of rain Friday is now up to 80%, and the prediction is for rain, not just showers, so it seems very likely to happen this time. It's been a long wait. I'm planning to make hot tea, and I'll probably still have one muffin left to go with it. A celebration. Maybe it will wake my brain up.

When I fired up the Internets Wednesday, it reminded me that it was Armistice Day, though nobody calls it that anymore. Soon nobody will even remember that it used to be called that. But the reminder reminded me of the Armistice Day when we almost climbed Mount Lowe, above Pasadena, but failed and then drove through a hot early afternoon and ended up at Venice beach, where it was chilly and there was a heavy fog. That was a very strange day. I thought about it for a while, then calculated back and, realizing that it was 57 years ago, decided not to think about it anymore.

Oh, it's tiresome, and I have to fix something to eat. Aside from beverages I've had only a donut, a banana, and a few potato chips so far since I got out of bed. Oh, and a few cinnamon Altoids. I keep forgetting I bought an artichoke last Friday, or I'd have fixed that. It's too late at night now, and I don't feel like hauling the big kettle out anyway. It's probably going to be something microwaved. I've got a package of microwaveable, pre-cooked pasta I've never tried before, and a jar of marinara sauce I could open. I've had worse meals. I've cooked worse meals, and usually do.

So cold again tonight! Brrr.

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