rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Hot, Again

This afternoon, a bee landed on my knee. For a few seconds, I was the bee's knee. sorry> Then, she flew off and joined the other bees who were skimming over the lawn. I wonder what they expect to find down there? I see no blossoms of any sort.

Above the street I saw a cloud of small insects. Midges? Gnats? At first, I thought it was a cloud of pollen, but then I saw it moving upwind. Gnats can fly and I can't. That irritates me.

Today, the torrid summer heat was back, and it was one of those days when I kept thinking about how nice it would be to go to the beach. One of those beaches in the southern half of Orange county would be nice. Sitting on the warm sand, listening to the breakers, smelling the kelp, watching the sails of small boats out on the bright water. But those beaches are hundreds of miles away, and even the foggy beaches of northern California are almost a hundred miles away. If you live anywhere near a good beach, take off work or school tomorrow and go there! Summer is short!

This late in the season, the sun has moved far enough southward, and settled far enough toward the horizon by late afternoon, that my shady spot under the mulberry tree is diminished to almost nothing. There is a part of the west side of the tree where no branch swoops down. This provides a nice view of the scene directly across the street, but the lack of late afternoon shade this time of year is annoying. I took a picture, looking up the street, from the shady spot, a few weeks ago, when it was at its best.

July Afternoon
Looking North from the Shady Spot Under the Mulberry Tree.


For the last couple of weeks, Juno has been messing with my e-mail. Every time Sluggo crashes or freezes up, and has to be shut down the bad way, if Juno is open, then it re-arranges the contents of my in box. Usually, messages are displayed in the order in which they arrived. After a crash, when I re-open the program, they have been moved about in no discernable pattern. A couple of times, some messages have even been moved to a "saved" folder. Things get lost in this inexplicable shuffle, and I sometimes don't find them for days. I suppose this would be less of a problem if I stayed on top of the in box and didn't let stuff pile up for so long. Feh. Computers.

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