rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Fifteen, Day Three

Tuesday, being like every other day, came to nothing. Being like every other recent day, it was chilly, at 62 degrees, though mostly sunny. Tonight is the coldest night yet this fall in the mini-metropolis. It's supposed to get down to 32 degrees, and tomorrow will get up to 62. Friday should be the most interesting day coming up, as there will be a 50% chance of showers, a high of only 54, and a low of only 44 for that night, so a colder day but a night quite a bit warmer than recent nights, or tonight or tomorrow night.

I would imagine that the leaves on the trees in the parking lot at the plaza have turned color and are starting to fall, but I haven't been over to see them. I don't know if I'll bother to go look. My energy is still very low despite the cooler weather, and there isn't much incentive for me to put in the effort... although I do occasionally still think about the books at the Goodwill store. Something I really want could be sitting there right now. Things I really want could be getting sold to people not me every day. Not that I need them. I'm sure I'll never get around to reading most of the books I've already bought there. Had there not been a pandemic I'm sure I'd have several more stacks of them cluttering my bedroom by now.

Speaking of pandemics, California probably reached the milestone of one million total infections Tuesday. Monday it got to 993,703, with 6,740 new that day. If we stayed on pace Tuesday, the total must have topped a million, but the numbers won't be published until this afternoon. We aren't number one, though, as Texas already topped a million cases a few days ago. The next state to join the millionaire club will almost certainly be Florida, which was at 852,166 Monday. For a while a few weeks ago they were within striking distance of both Texas and California, but I guess they just couldn't keep up the pace. That smaller population is a real handicap in a competition of this sort. But at least all three states, and many others, have beat the hell out of China, which has reported a total of only 92,015 cases— and they had a yuge head start! We sure showed them how it's done!

But that's enough sports news. It's getting terribly late again, and given how poorly I've been sleeping I need to get to bed soon, while it's still dark. Tuesday morning I didn't get to sleep until after the sun was up, and it was very difficult. Then I didn't wake up until around two o'clock in the afternoon. Even hearing the mockingbird singing as soon as I went outside didn't cheer me up after that. I hope to be up and about, preferably fully rested, by one o'clock today. Then I can go out and enjoy that balmy 62 degrees for a while, before the day starts to get cold.

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