rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Fifteen, Day Two

Monday I didn't get out of bed until three o'clock in the afternoon. It might have been earlier, but a spam robocall around ten in the morning interrupted my sleep, and it took me about an hour to return to the arms of Morpheus. At least I hope it was his arms. Anyway, I woke up grumpy and had to go watch YouTube music videos to cheer myself up, and then the day was pretty much gone, and the night since has been squandered (note passive voice absolving me of blame) on trivialities. Of course I did have one accomplishment: I took the wheelie bins out to the street an checked the mail. Other than that, I was a sloth.

Something I ought to have done is laundry, but I didn't think of it until too late. Maybe I'll remember today, though given the hour now its likely I'm on target for another late rising. Seriously, I need to get my sleeping act together. Fall and winter days are short enough without me waking up so late in the afternoon. It's just depressing. The lack of sunlight is going to give me SAD. The fact that we've got a string of cloudy days coming up won't help.

Tonight was the night I was going to make some cocoa and have a muffin with it, but I forgot about that too. Maybe I should still do it. Staying up another half hour won't make things any worse than they were yesterday, and I don't want those muffins to go stale before I eat them. Besides, I might die in my sleep (I should be so lucky) and then they would go entirely to waste. They're good muffins, too. Yeah, I think I'll do that. It's terribly cold outside tonight, and the floor in this place gets cold on such nights as well, and hot cocoa is just the thing to counteract that. And it will give me time for a couple more music videos. I still need cheering up.

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