rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Fifteen, Day One

A frost warning is in effect tonight. It was just a few weeks ago that we had excessive heat warnings. Sunday afternoon was quite chilly, and I was not surprised to see videos of snow falling in Magalia around noon. There were even some reports of snow flurries in Paradise. It didn't last long, but any snow at all that far down the mountains in November is unusual anymore. Perhaps it will be a cold winter this year, and maybe the Sierra will get an abundant snowpack. But of course one swallow does not make a summer, and one brief, early snowfall doesn't mean a hard winter, but it could happen. It's just been a very long time since it has.

There are still fires burning in the region, but the agencies fighting them have ceased to provide daily updates about them. Those near the north valley are either contained or very nearly contained, and there is little change from day to day. It now appears very likely we will get some rain starting Thursday, and if it continues as expected it will put an end to whatever is left of the fires from hell (aka 2020.) As there is no sign of hot, dry weather in the forecast, and its return now grows less likely every day, we might be out of the woods before we are entirely out of woods to be out of, as it were.

But, damn, it's cold tonight! The furnace is getting a workout after its long vacation. Right now I've got it set at 68, but once I've acclimated to the sudden onset of winter-like fall, I'll turn it down to 66. As we are more than a week into November, I don't think this month's utility bill will be a big jump form last month's, but the one that arrives in December surely will be. Outside, we expect three more nights of freezing weather, then once the clouds and possibly rain arrive Thursday, lows will get back up into the forties. All but two of the days in the next two weeks will have highs below sixty. I'm glad the heat is gone, but equally glad I've got a furnace and warm blankets.

I'm going to go get under those warm blankets right now. I was going to make the first cup of cocoa this autumn, but totally forgot. Now I'd rather get to sleep. Cocoa tomorrow, then, with a shot of brandy in it. And a warm muffin to eat. Autumn owes me that, for being so late and them coming on so fast.

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