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The furnace just came on for the first time in months, and though it stinks, at least I now know that it still works. I'm awake at this very odd time because I took of one of those evening naps. Friday I went shopping and got the banking done, though I still have more shopping to do, which might get done today and might have to wait. I ran out of daylight, and being out after nightfall for the first time in months demonstrated how bad my night blindness has become. Lights were visible, though blurry, and reflective surfaces were a bit less visible, but everything else pretty much vanished in the dark. On East Avenue, recently resurfaced and very dark, I could not see the street, and it was like the cars were moving in space, suspended over the void. A very strange sensation.

Once I got home and put most of the groceries away, I felt tired, and then I started feeling cold even though at that time it was still 70 degrees in the apartment. I crawled under a couple of throws on the bed and soon fell asleep. To my surprise I slept until almost one o'clock in the morning. That's why I'm not sure I'll be able to finish the shopping today. I can't go if I haven't had more sleep by then, and if that sleep comes too late today it will just be too late to go. I miss having a sleeping routine, but so far it has proven impossible to get one back.

Since Safeway was the store I didn't get to, I still don't have a pie. Had I gotten one Friday I'd have eaten pie for dinner, since I didn't feel like cooking either before or after my long evening nap. Instead, after I'd been awake for an hour or so I ate some popcorn. The store I'd intended to buy donuts from didn't have either flavor I like, so I settled for the seasonal pumpkin spice flavor, and I ate one of those for desert. It was tolerable, but I still hope to get a couple of packages of my preferred flavors at Safeway.

The sudden onset of the cold is annoying, and I intend to get back under the covers soon, even if I don't get back to sleep for a while. I've got stuff to read, and I'd rather do that in bed than out here in the living room , which feels chilly even with the furnace on. It feels a bit warmer if I step outside for a few minutes and come back in, but that doesn't last. When I was out a few minutes ago I did hear the mockingbird, who is sometimes an early riser.

There was no rain Friday, which doesn't surprise me, though I still feel a bit disappointed. It would have been nice to have even a few sprinkles. Maybe late next week we'll get some. Still no telling when Schrodinger's Election will be over though. I'm glad I got some beer and a bottle of rum when I went shopping. I'll be needing it.

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