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Reset Fourteen, Day Twenty [Nov. 6th, 2020|04:23 am]
Arrangements have been made to go shopping and banking this afternoon, unless it is raining prodigiously. The chance of rain tonight is but thirty percent, and tomorrow a mere twenty, but one never knows this time of year. It's getting pretty cold, too (going all the way down to 40 degrees tonight,) and much colder in the mountains, so if there is rain here in the valley there could be snow at higher elevations. A big snowfall is quite unlikely, but if it happened it would pretty much finish of any fores still burning at those elevations. Of course many of the fires still active are in Southern California, and they aren't expecting any rain at all, and certainly no snow. But we could get just a little bit lucky in the north.

Thursday I didn't get to sleep until well after sunrise, and then woke up a few minutes before two o'clock in the afternoon. It was our last balmy day in a long string of balmy days, and I suspect I'll miss them. I'll have to wear a hoodie when I go out to sit in the yard now, and a heavy jacket at night. Although I greatly dislike hot weather, moderately warm is pleasant enough as long as I don't have to exert myself. As I haven't been walking anywhere for months now, that hasn't been an issue this year. Maybe I'll get enough energy to go walking again now that it's cooler, but I'm not counting on it.

Anyway, I hope I sleep better tonight. There is a lot to do tomorrow, and if I'm not rested it will be that much more unpleasant. If I wear out before I'm done I'll have to arrange a second trip, and I'd rather get it all done in one. I'd also like to write a journal entry and not feel that I was leaving something out, but my failing memory will probably never again allow me that luxury.

Oh, I've turned the furnace to heat, and set it to 68 degrees, but it hasn't come on yet. I expect that it will sometime today though. Goodbye, summer.