rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Fourteen, Day Seventeen

Monday turned into a nap night. Like a little kid who has had a hard day I found myself fading around seven o'clock in the evening, and just conked out on the bed. It was almost midnight when I woke up, and for some reason felt terribly sad. I hadn't actually had a hard day, the only significant ask I'd done being to take the wheelie bin out to the street, but somehow I was so exhausted by evening that I didn't even fix any dinner. Then when I finally woke up it seemed too late to be cooking, so I just had some popcorn. I didn't drink any beer, either, just a bit of sparkling water. Weird.

But now I'm awake way too late, though finally getting tired again. My neck is unusually creaky tonight, and I feel the beginnings of a headache, so I intend to get to sleep as soon as possible. My mind is fairly blank. For the last few hours I've done nothing but catch up on Internet and watch some music videos on YouTube (I think I like New Order better now than I did when I first heard them.) I'm also eating some almonds, for protein. This time they are the Sweet Thai Chili flavor, which I've never tried before. I haven't decided whether I like them or not. Even if it turns out I do, I'm sure I like the Soy Sauce and Wasabi flavor better.

I'm maundering. Time to sleep.

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