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Reset Fourteen, Day Thirteen [Oct. 30th, 2020|04:46 am]
Dinner is playing havoc with my stomach again. I don't have any antacids, but I've got some powdered almond, which sometimes helps. Anyway, it's very distracting, and brings back memories of being in the same state frequently during the period when I was about eleven or twelve to about sixteen or so. I contributed mightily to the success of the company that made Rolaids during that time. Early adolescence is kind of a crappy time of life anyway, and having frequent acid indigestion made it even worse for me. The frequency eventually declined, and since then has been only occasional, but recently, like so many other things that once plagued me, it has been appearing more often. I was long aware that old people often complained about their health, but it never quite registered in my mind what would be like when I became one of them. Now I know. I don't like it.

Something that wasn't much of a problem when I was younger but has become significant recently is my memory. It's turned to crap. A few months ago I was sent a form by the law firm that is handling a suit against PG&E for the Camp Fire for a large group of clients, including me, and I partly filled it out (which was an ordeal in itself) and I saved it, intending to finish it later after I'd gotten more information together. At least I thought I'd saved it. A few days ago I got an email saying that the deadline for submitting the form was Friday (today!) so I went looking for it. After some futzing around due to my minimal familiarity with Windows 10 (another problem with my memory is that I can no longer learn things quickly) I found the fie and opened it, but it was blank.

Apparently I didn't do something, or I did something wrong, and the stuff I'd written just vanished. I have neither the time nor the inclination to re-do it. Well, I'd never been able to gather all the documentation I'd have needed anyway, so I guess it would have been a lost cause anyway. My understanding is that I'll still have a claim on some part of the ultimate settlement, but without the forms and documents my share is likely to be much smaller than it could have been. But maybe I've got that wrong too, and I won't be eligible for anything. Growing ever more forgetful and disorganized is annoying as hell, and rather depressing. But odds are I wouldn't live long enough to make use of any settlement anyway. Never come, easy go, I guess.

Sometime soon (is it this coming week?) the clocks will get turned back and, with luck, I won't be staying up quite this late anymore. At least by the clock. I'm sure I'll still be up late, but the clock will flatter me that I'm not. Clocks are such liars. Well, they are in league with calendars, so why wouldn't they be? Both of them always making you think you have more time than you do, then laughing as they pull the rug out from under you. Such dicks. We never ought to have invented them.