rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Fourteen, Day Twelve

So Wednesday happened, and I spent the first few hours after I woke up just hobbling around, as my right ankle decided to hurt. It wasn't sprained or anything, it just kept getting sharp pains every time I put any weight on it. Because I feel unstable standing in the bathtub even under normal circumstances, I was unable to take a shower with the wonky ankle feeling like it was going to give out at any time. Now my head is itchy. The ankle feels somewhat better now, but still not entirely stable. I have no idea what happened to it, since I was asleep when it happened. I don't think I'm sleepwalking. Maybe a blanket tried to twist it. I curse the blankets often, and they might want to get back at me.

Tuesday I didn't even bother to check on the fire reports, but things don't appear to have changed much. The troublesome fires remain much the same as they were on Monday. Two days of wind didn't bring catastrophe, though the two fires that started in Orange County Monday came close to it. They could still turn disastrous, though that is less likely now that the wind is dying down. As for the north part of the state, it's still a long way from being smokeless, but could make some progress this week. The long range forecast is now showing a string of days with a 20% chance of rain beginning with November 6. A long way off, and things are likely to change before then. Rain would be so nice, but I'll believe it is here when I actually see it falling. Sometimes we don't get any to speak of until January.

My neck is still creaky, and that is still giving me a low-grade headache, but at last the queasiness didn't show up Wednesday. I still didn't ant to tempt fate, so I only had ramen for dinner again. I'll be able to go back to having a bit of chocolate before I go to sleep tonight. Sleep probably won't happen before five o'clock in the morning again. I wish I could push it back to three, but the prospects for that aren't good. I should probably be grateful that I'm not staying awake until dawn.

A flock of geese flew over the neighborhood last time I was outside. They will find the day ahead quite balmy, but given the news of the early snow in northern regions I guess they know what they are doing. Too bad we aren't as smart as birds.

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