rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Fourteen, Day Ten

Having a case of the Mondays isn't what it used to be. These days it seems like every day is a Monday, except actual Monday is the day I have to put the wheelie bin out for the trash collector (seems like that would be the worst hobby ever) which makes actual Monday just a bit more exciting than the faux-Mondays the rest of the week. I guess that makes having a case of the Mondays a good thing now, relatively speaking. At least as long as I actually remember to take the bin out, which I did this time. This evening I'll get to bring it back in, which is a bit easier since the bin will be empty, so maybe having a case of the Tuesdays is even better than a case of the Mondays. But Wednesday will be such a letdown, since there will be nothing to do.

Actually there would be lots of things to do, but not doing those things doesn't lead to an overflowing wheelie bin, and so I have less incentive to do those things. For example, I suspect that the floor could use polishing, but my eyesight has gotten so bad that I can't tell for sure, I just guess it does because it's been a long time since I did that. But then I won't be able to tell if I'm doing it well or, once it's done, if it looks better, because my eyes are so bad. That's sort of a disincentive to polish the floor. Of such trivial concerns is my life now made. Pathetic.

My sleep schedule has exploded. Or imploded. One of those. I still haven't gone to bed tonight and it's almost morning. Sunday night's nap threw things way off. I didn't get to sleep until after dawn Monday, and then slept about five hours, and I've been awake ever since. Today could be strange. A strange Tuesday with a case of the Mondays and a probably dirty floor I can't see. With luck I will remember to bring the wheelie bin in, and might even remember to eat dinner. The weather might actually be rather pleasant, though odds are I'll sleep through it. It wasn't smoky Monday, and might not be today either, unless the continuing wind blows the fires into a rage.

But at the moment the worst of the fires are in Southern California. They got hit hard Monday, and one fire in Orange County has forced the evacuation of about 90,000 people from around Yorba Linda, Dick Nixon's birthplace. I don't think there's actual forest involved in this fire, just lots of scrub brush and scattered trees. I was familiar with the region many decades ago, before it got built up, and it's quite semi-deserty. This stuff can burn fast as hell, and a pair of these fires, the Silverado and the Blue Ridge, went from 0 to 10,500 acres before nightfall Monday. The wind is expected to diminish in the area today, and thus far catastrophe has been avoided, though there have been some injuries among the firefighters. The risk is always greater in fires that move as fast as these.

It's unlikely that the mini-metropolis will burn as I sleep today. Wind will be somewhat reduced around here today as well, though there will still be some, and it will surely come back stronger eventually. Autumn is a windy time of year in these parts. But at least it's not likely to get freaking hot again. Freaking hot days are not unknown in fall, but they are not the norm. There's nothing higher than 83 in the long-range forecast. But there's no rain in it either, so fire season continues. Let's hope it will be over by Christmas.

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