rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Fourteen, Day Nine

It's very late, or very early, and I've eaten a bowl of ramen after sleeping fitfully for over four hours and having some weird dreams I partly remembered. Sunday was strange overall. Four new wildfires got started in Shasta County, driven by gusty winds, briefly triggering some evacuation orders which were later lifted as the fires were brought under control. For a while it was pretty scary, as one of the fires was rapidly approaching a built up area with several hundred houses.

The nap was very weird. Around eight o'clock in the evening I was getting ready to fix something to eat when I suddenly found myself unable to keep my eyes open. I curled up on the bed but left the lights on, thinking I'd nap for an hour or two, but the nap stretched out past midnight. I woke several times, but still felt exhausted, so went back to sleep each time. Each time I woke I recalled dreaming dreams that were part of a world I began dreaming about not long after I first moved to Paradise in 1986. The setting is a place that resembles Paradise in many ways, but isn't. I'm always wandering through this not-quite-recognizable place looking for something or someone of somewhere I can't quite remember. They aren't really nightmares, but they aren't anything I'd call good dreams. The sleep around them is never what I'd call restful, either.

As I still feel tired, I'll probably be going back to sleep again soon, or trying to, but I hope there aren't any more of those dreams. It's supposed to be a bit warmer today. Sunday's weather was cool and quite pleasant, though for some reason I didn't really enjoy it. Something I can't identify is still bothering me. That's probably what triggered those dreams. Maybe I've got un-diagnosed brain covid. At this point there's probably nothing that would surprise me.

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