rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Fourteen, Day Seven

Looking at the weather forecast, I'm guessing the furnace will have to come on Sunday night. It will be 72 degrees that day and will go down to 42 that night, so the apartment will undoubtedly get too cold. Last year I didn't use any gas until November. As of today, it's only been four days since I last needed the air conditioner, and Friday was only the second day that I didn't need to use the fan in the evening at all. This seems like an awfully brief autumn. But then it will be getting warmer again next week, and though the nights will be chilly, it might be that the days will be warm enough that I can capture sufficient heat to keep the apartment comfortable all night without the furnace. It's not as pleasant capturing warm air by day in Chico as it was in Paradise, as here the open windows also capture a lot of fumes from the freeway and the apartment parking lots. The traffic noise is annoying too.

Friday was another dull day I barely remember, except for the recurring backache. I miss having a chiropractor. I'll soon be missing having a dentist, too, as I'm starting to get twinges in one of the teeth that lost a crown. It's going to be difficult to yank out, as there's nothing left to grab on to. I'm pretty sure it can't be saved at this point. In fact the dental work I'll soon need is going to be a nightmare, and very costly. In the meantime, it's a good thing there's ramen, which doesn't require any vigorous mastication.

Birds have been visiting my backyard, but they take off as soon as they see me at the door, so I haven't been able to get a really good look at them. They have, however, more than once left droppings on the back of my best yard chair. The droppings are dark, so I think they've been visiting the yard to eat the dark berries that grow on a particular plant out there. The birds need somewhere other than that chair back to perch on, but I have no idea what would serve that purpose. Maybe a bit of clothesline strung somewhere that's not above a chair.

I'm nibbling some honey roasted peanuts, as my ramen dinner is wearing off. It's a fresh jar of peanuts, and they are always best when the jar is newly opened. I don't eat them fast enough, though, and by the time I get about halfway through a jar they are usually starting to taste a bit stale. I either need to eat them more often, or I need to find someone else to eat part of them. Maybe I could put some out for the birds. Perhaps peanut poops would be less offensive than berry poops.

Dishes to wash before I go to bed.

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