rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Fourteen, Day Six

When I woke up Thursday morning (well, early afternoon) there was no Internet. The phone and computer both said it was connected, but the web said no. It was all errors. Growing panic ensued, as for me no Internet=no life. The phone would fetch some Internet, but it's phone Internet and almost useless. As the phone was still functional, I thought about calling a mortuary to have my funeral arranged, but then the Internet started coming back. This is the second time the Internet has gone away for no apparent reason. Since it eventually came back both times, I probably shouldn't worry about it, but I will, and next time it happens (and I'm sure there will be a next time) I expect I will panic again, assuming I'm still around for it.

Tonight the temperature has dropped below 60 degrees for the first time in months, and it could get all the way down to 49. Today it is supposed to get backup to 80, so we are into that time of the fall when the diurnal range brings on something like a thermal whiplash. Though it hasn't even been very breezy in Chico there has been wind in the mountains, and Sunday and Monday we are expecting yet another major wind event. Since there still hasn't been any rain, the fire danger will continue to be great. The northwest is supposed to be getting some rain soon, but there's none in sight for California.

My Internet is still remarkably slow, so I haven't seen as much stuff as usual, and videos are terribly tedious to watch with all the interruptions. I'm thinking I'll just go read until I fall asleep. I'm no more energetic that I've been for the last several days, and my brain remains fuzzy. I don't want to goose it with alcohol, as I did a few nights ago, considering the fact that my hangovers now last more than a day. At least the grilled cheese sandwiches I made for dinner haven't given me a stomach ache. I hope I can stop yawning long enough to eat a chunk of my chocolate bar. AndI hope I have Internet when I wake up.

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