rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Fourteen, Day Five

Been sitting here staring at the page for several minutes with my brain wandering off through the blankness to one place or another I immediately forget. Reality Wednesday was just me not getting around to anything I'd intended to do. There was a slight smell of smoke in the air again, but the number of fires burning by day's end had dropped to twenty from twenty-two the previous day so progress. Right now P&E is cutting the power to many areas in case the wind that is coming up causes any of their lines to fall. So far these outages have not affected Chico. People in other areas are getting very tired of them, and I'm seeing loads of complaints on various web sites.

But I'm just tired in general, not of any particular thing, or maybe of too many particular things for any of them to stand out. Utterly without energy, I often go lie on the bed and read, which usually causes me to nod off within a few minutes. Then I semi-wake and go back to the computer to look at things I soon forget again. Days are getting rather dreamlike, and the dreams are both dull and possessed of a somewhat disturbing air. My actual dreams I'm not remembering.

It's supposed to get only up to 80 degrees today, 76 tomorrow, 70 Sunday. Maybe that will be pleasant, but it probably won't do anything for my stomach, which has decided to start getting achy frequently. I'd be willing to go back to hot weather if it would stop doing that. I had enough stomach aches when I was a kid and don't need any more. But maybe that's what being old is about— all the stuff you outgrew comes back to bother you again. Sort of like a recap, just before the end of the story. It's a dose of nostalgia I could have done without.

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