rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Fourteen, Day Four

So on Tuesday I managed to devour the last of the four avocados I bought last... when was it? A week ago Monday, I guess. Oddly, only the first of them I ate was seriously overripe, and the other three were quite decent. Tuesday it was two avocado sandwiches on sourdough toast for a very late lunch, and then a bowl of popcorn for a midnight supper. There was a banana in there somewhere, too. Is that an acceptable diet? Hell if I know. Nutrition, like just about everything else, is a mystery to me.

The windy day brought 31 new wildfires to the state, most of which were rapidly extinguished or contained, though one down in Monterey County looks like it could lead to trouble. Most of the older fires are either contained or getting close to it, though the one in Fresno County is still a threat. Today the wind should die down, but it will return Thursday, so not much of a respite. All predictions of rain have been withdrawn but a 10% chance of showers Sunday and 10% again on November 4. At this point that might actually be a good thing, since all the denuded land will be subject to flooding in the first big storm, and the crews could use some time to get some of the most threatening fire debris cleared away.

Today I need to do something about getting an new mouse. There's a thing I got that requires a digital signature, and while I was able to (barely) do the last one I needed, since then the mouse has gotten a bit wonky and won't send a consistent signal to the computer, so it is impossible to do a digital signal. I've been planning on getting a new one but haven't gotten around to it, and now I'll have to rush. The perils of being unfocused. I might try to get ahold of a niece or nephew to take me to a store that sells such things. For some reason Trader Joe's doesn't stock them, and neither does the Dollar Tree or CVS. There's a branch of Aaron's in the plaza that might have them, but I doubt I'd have the energy to walk over there. It's going to be 80 degrees, which a few months ago wouldn't have bothered me, but my ability to deal with heat has quite vanished.

It's nice and cool out tonight, and I'm going to go sit in the back yard for a while before sleeping. The freeway hasn't been very loud so far tonight, and I can almost pretend there is no mini-metropolis surrounding me. Well, aside from the light-washed sky that hides the stars. I wish the crickets were still around.

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