rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Fourteen, Day Three

Monday amounted to me regretting the amount of vodka I'd imbibed Sunday night. I slept poorly and woke up later than the previous days, and dragged myself about with some difficulty. I remembered having dreams, but didn't remember the dreams themselves except for a few odd images that meant nothing to me; some tie tabs, a stray bit of flowered print fabric, and a hairbrush. I have no idea, and am rather glad of that fact.

A few tasks that have been piling up recently remain undone, and anew one arrived in the email, but they will all have to wait because I'm borderline comatose tonight. I managed to get the wheelie bin out to the street, and checked the mailbox, and then because I felt like I needed some actual food I managed to prepare a fairly normal meal of entree, two vegetables, and a leftover side dish, and later had the fourth slice of the six-slice cheesecake assortment I bought at Raleys way last Monday. It has remained fairly fresh in the refrigerator.

However, I haven't yet found the energy to do the dishes, though I do hope I'll find it before I have to sleep. I hate waking up to dirty dishes. Also I forgot to eat my breakfast donut, and thus didn't have my breakfast tea, so I've had no caffeine. When I don't eat my breakfast donut it's a definite sign that I'm totally out to lunch, inappropriately enough. What a day.

In fact I've been so out of it that I never got around to checking on the fires today, though I heard a few airplanes fly over the neighborhood. Another wind event is expected Thursday, and I'll probably be focused enough to pay attention by then. Monday I'm just writing off as a loss. Today is supposed to be hottish, at 91 degrees, but at least it's cool at night. Thursday we begin a string of days with highs in the seventies, and nocturnal lows in the high forties. It's going to be near-fall-like. I've been looking forward to that all summer, but now that it's really going to be here I don't expect it's going to make me feel much better. I no longer believe it will restore my energy to anything like the level I've had in the past. Over the last few months I think I've just aged out of that. Too bad I don't have a lawn I could yell at kids to get off of. The most enjoyable part of being an old guy will be denied me.

Oh, freakin' dishes.

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