rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Day In, Day Out

Given how crappy I felt Thursday I wasn't sure I'd be able to get to the stores on Friday even if my ride materialized. But it did, and I did, and so far I've survived the adventure. It was unpleasantly warm, and the task was tiring, and there was also a bit of disappointment in that I was unable to find a couple of things I wanted at Safeway, and CVS, which was the store I went to last since I was buying ice cream there, was out of the kind of beer I wanted. Had I not gone there last I could have picked some up at Trader Joe's instead, for a buck more per six pack, but by the time I was done as CVS I was just too exhausted to go back to TJ's.

How exhausted was I? Well, I still haven't arranged the groceries way the way I want them. I put away the stuff that needed to be in the refrigerator, and then pretty much collapsed in a heap and did nothing for over an hour. The speed with which my energy drains away anymore is appalling. While I'm hoping that the considerably cooler weather that's due in about a week will improve my condition, I'm not counting on it. It could be that I've finally turned that corner into actual old age and can't expect to ever be really energetic again. It would be nice if I could at least get energetic enough to walk to the nearby stores again though.

Now that I'm stocked up on stuff there are no plans for the rest of the month. Toward the end of October the forecast is predicting chances of showers again, all below 50%, but that could change. We might get lucky. We got lucky with the recent wind event, as it didn't cause any major flareups of the fires, or start any large new ones. No more high winds are predicted for at least a week, and by then most of the fires should be contained or nearly contained. It has also gotten too late in the season for any more dry lightning storms to be likely, so we probably won't get any more multi-fire outbreaks. Until next year, of course. All we have to worry about is one or more of the utility companies setting one off with their aged equipment, or if we get a crazy arsonist running loose.

Anyway. It's gotten late again, and I want to go out in the chilly night air for a few minutes before I go to sleep. The yakisoba noodles I had for dinner have settled down, but I don't think I'll put anything on top of them but a little bit of my replenished chocolate supply. There might be a swig or two of rum involved as well. After that strenuous day I think I deserve it.

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