rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Interregnum Day Three

Tentative arrangements have been made to go to Safeway this afternoon, or if not then then Saturday. Of course there will be stops at Trader Joe's and CVS as well. Safeway has fewer things on sale this week that I want than they had last week, but there are a couple of decent bargains anyway. Plus I got more stuff at Raley's than I'd expected last Monday, so no dire need confronts me at this time.

Look at that elaborate verbiage being used to say nothing of any significance.

Right now I'm fuzzy and tired, and having a hard time remembering what happened Thursday. I'm pretty sure I got to sleep and woke up rather late again, and I know I took a shower, and then I made avocado sandwiches for dinner, and later had a slice of cheesecake and a glass of fancy rum and milk with a bit of Kahlua. Kahlua looks like it would be the name of a lesser Lovecraftian elder god, doesn't it? I can never remember how to spell it, but added it to my spellcheck dictionary.

Brain obviously slipping into oblivion. There wasn't any significant smoke in the air Thursday, and I heard the mockingbird, though it got a bit too warm for comfort in the afternoon. Right now there are too many tricks making noise on the freeway. The almond harvest is going on, so truck traffic is up. 80% of the world's commercial almond crop is grown in California, according to an article I ran across on the Interwebs. Water-hogging trees, they are. We'd be better off without most of them. Please don't drink almond milk.

What else was I thinking? Was I thinking anything? Hell if I know. I'm just some crazy old guy poking at a computer keyboard late at night on the blazing edge of the collapsing world. Don't expect me to make any sense. I have to finish making my shopping list. Look at the time! It's 2020 already!

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