rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Thirteen, Day Eighteen

Arrangements are made for banking and shopping this afternoon. There's actually quite a bit to get done, and I hope I have the energy for it, and enough time. Neither is a certainty. As I didn't get enough sleep Saturday night, and have been awake since eleven o'clock Sunday morning, I ought to be sleepy enough tonight. As long as I don't get hyper after waking up in the morning it should be okay. Sometimes I wake up too early and can't get back to sleep even though I'm still tired, because my brain decides to get excited about nothing in particular. That happened Sunday. I don't like it.

The mockingbird is making regular visits again, ever since the days became a bit milder. Mockingbirds must hate the heat as much as I do, but I have no idea where they hide out when it comes. It's unlikely that they have air conditioned apartments, and I've never heard that they summer in San Francisco or some other place along the cooler coast. I'm pretty sure they don't go up into the mountains, or I'd have heard them in Paradise, which I never did. It's a mystery.

I never got around to eating dinner tonight, so I just had some cream cheese on toast, and now I'm going to have some more. I also put loads of butter on it, which I'm sure is terribly unhealthy, but since I've given up on the idea that I'll ever actually feel good again, well, bring on the cholesterol-induced heart attack. What's the point of dragging out the inevitable misery of old age when I could cut it short simply by eating things I enjoy?

There wasn't too much smoke in the air today, but the next few days will be risky as wind is expected to get pretty strong around the region, which could stir the fires up again. PG&E is sending out warnings to customers in the mountain regions that power might be cut off to lessen the likelihood of more fires caused by their electric lines. The valley hasn't gotten any of these preventive outages yet, and I hope we don't since it's going to be getting hotter and I'll need the air conditioning. What a year it's been, and about eleven week still to go.

A few flocks of geese flying over again tonight. Apparently the fires don't put them off. It seems awfully early in the year for them to be heading south though. I wonder what fresh hell is about to break loose in Canada?

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