rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Thirteen, Day Sixteen

The Friday when I ought to have done my banking and shopping is gone, and now there's a weekend to deal with. I can't tell the difference between weekends and weekdays anymore, except that the bank is closed on weekends. Also the buses don't run on Sunday, but I don't use the bus anymore so that's not an issue. But the reality is that my activities are on hold until Monday, and I hope I feel better then than I have for the last few days.

The local fire that destroyed hundreds of houses and killed fifteen people is now 97% contained, and unless there's a wind-related surprise it is unlikely to become a big problem again. The gigafire (over 1,000,000 acres) to the west is now about 60% contained, and likely to continue burning for weeks. Rapid progress has been made on the Shasta County fire, which is 95% contained after burning about 56,000 acres, and the Napa-Sonoma County fire, just short of 70,000 acres, is 74% contained. We're definitely making progress against fires throughout the state, and an absence of October and November surprises would be much appreciated.

Today the chance of showers is down to only 10%, and I'll put no money on them showing up. It's supposed to get rather warm this afternoon, at 79 degrees. A week ago they were predicting a mere 69, and with 50% chance of showers. The long range forecasts are so unreliable this time of year. In between seasons is not my favorite time of year, but at least it's way better than that appalling summer we just had. I'm starting to think I won't be recovering from that. I still feel like crap, ten days into October.

I found a box of rice pilaf I didn't remember having, and made that for dinner, but it wasn't very good. It's been sitting on the shelf for about a year, and then I made it with a bit too much water and it ended up overcooked and mushy. I compensated with an extra bottle of beer. I'd overcompensate with a third, but I want to try to go to sleep now and I don't want to be waking up in two hours needing to pee. Life. Can't live with it, can't live without it.

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