rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Thirteen, Day Fifteen

Thursday I didn't feel well. I didn't arrange a trip to the bank or the stores yet. I didn't take a nap either, as I fear disarranging my schedule again. As a result I've nodded off in my chair a lot, but since I haven't fallen out of it yet my neck is still unbroken. I'm not so sure about my brain. The weather was actually almost pleasant. It's supposed to get warmer again in a few days, but only up into the eighties until late next week, when there could be a couple more days in the nineties. I'll probably live through it, if I don't die of something else first.

Soy sauce flavored ramen with sesame oil for very late dinner. I'll have to get some more of that kind. It was pretty good. I probably won't get to the store until Monday now as I have to go to the back as well and it isn't open weekends. Going today would be too short notice. I should have arranged it last night, but felt like crap. Aging bites.

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