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Reset Thirteen, Day Nine [Oct. 3rd, 2020|04:07 am]
So I keep thinking I think I'll make something for dinner in a while, and then I keep getting distracted, and then I think I think I should seriously think about actually making some dinner now because it must be getting on to midnight, an so I look at the clock and it's already past three in the morning. Where did the time go? Well part of it went to deciding what poem to post for Sunday Verse, and I had about decided when I discovered what time it was, and then I thought maybe I've also lost track of time on a larger scale, so I checked the day and sure enough it isn't going to be Sunday when the sun comes up but only Saturday, so I'd have been a day early. Where did the time come from?

Hell if I know.

Anyway. Friday was a bit muddled, and is more so in my memory, perhaps because I haven't eaten anything but a couple of cookies for the last six or seven hours or so. Or maybe it's eight or ten hours. I forget. It's like something stops me from stopping not paying attention. If I could stop not paying attention I might know when it was and what has happened and where things such as hours and days went and came from. But I haven't and maybe can't anymore, and I have to say well, now I've gone and not done it. I'm in so much trouble!

The fires are still burning, but didn't expand by much Friday, and the smoke was somewhat diminished locally. Even though there is still some chance of rain later this month, we aren't by any means out of the burning woods. October is historically a bad fire month, and in recent years November hasn't been too good either. And of course this is 2020, and five of the six largest fires in California's history are still burning right now, with only two of them effectively contained. Even without the sun turning red and the air reeking it still feels pretty apocalyptic these days.

But right now I really do truly need to go eat something, as my brain feels like it's about to shut down due to lack of nourishment.