rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Twelve, Day Seventeen

My ability to keep track of time is completely gone. It was never very good, but now it's just nonexistent. The clock surprised me every time I've looked at it all day Monday and is still doing it tonight. It's past freaking half past four in the morning right now, and I thought it was about two o'clock at the latest. I can't even remember what I've been doing all this time. Maybe I have developed multiple personality disorder and have been out carousing. Though where I'd be carousing in Chico this time of night, and in the middle of a pandemic, I don't know. More likely I've just been woolgathering, but I have no wool to show for it.

Being detached from reality is weird, but given how weird the reality I'm detached from is, maybe it'snot a bad thing. I do know that I need to get some sleep, but my brain is set on running at top speed. I'm hoping that reading will slow it down. Probably won't though. This feels like one of those mornings when I'll still be awake when dawn arrives. Happy autumnal equinox.

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