rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Vaunt: My beer is better than your beer- probably.

When I first came to Butte County from Los Angeles, I missed the wide selection of imported beers available in that cosmopolitan metropolis. In particular, I was disappointed that I couldn't get my favorite Japanese brews. Then I discovered the local microbrewery, Sierra Nevada. Their most popular product is their Pale Ale, but my personal favorite is the Porter. They also make a Wheat Beer and a Stout (which, naturally, can't compare to the superb Guinness, but is fairly decent for an American Stout.)

Today, the Sacramento Bee ran this article revealing that Sierra Nevada is now the second largest specialty brewing company in the U.S., after the Boston Beer Company, (Sam Adams.) Well, (and here's the invitation to flame) sorry, Boston. Sam Adams may outsell Sierra Nevada, but I've tried that stuff, and it is candy ass beer- even if it did help put Ben Affleck in rehab. In fact, Sierra Nevada's Bigfoot could have done the same thing twice as fast! ;)
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