rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Twelve, Day Fourteen

The air quality index never got worse than 90 here today, which is still smelly but a considerable improvement over what it was. It actually got down into the teens last night, and might again tonight. Today could get up into the unhealthy for sensitive groups range, but probably not higher. Friday the sky actually looked pretty close to blue, and the temperature didn't go into the unpleasantly warm zone until late afternoon, thanks to some morning clouds that were actually not smoke. So I felt better Friday, but not really good. Certainly not good enough to walk to a store, even though the last of my milk has gone bad. I might call someone to see if they can drop some off, as I use the stuff every day.

Because I woke up too early again Friday, there was an evening nap, and then I woke up just in time to plug my phone in to be charged before the battery died. It was at 2%. I'm hoping to get to sleep around three o'clock tonight and wake up at the more reasonable hour of eleven on Saturday. Nine o'clock in the morning is an hour I don't really like to see. It reminds me of gym class in high school, as that's about the time of day I usually got scheduled for that.

The fires are still burning, of course, but those in the north are not currently consuming any significant number of buildings, though many are still threatened. In the south, the Bobcat fire, which put parts of the densely populated San Gabriel Valley under evacuation warnings, has become more destructive on its northern edge, where it has destroyed houses in small communities on the edge of the Antelope Valley desert. Mount Wilson, with its observatory and broadcast transmission towers also remains under threat. But up here it has settled down to a routine "oh, California is on fire again" situation. I haven't checked on the Oregon fires today, but California has sent a bunch of communications equipment up there, so it must be pretty bad.

Three o'clock already? Distracted again. My train of thought derails with increasing frequency. Where did that hour go? I'm sure I couldn't say. But I'll never get it back again.

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