rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Twelve, Days Twelve and Thirteen

I didn't write a post about Wednesday early this morning as my Internet went missing Wednesday evening, and didn't come back before I went to sleep. It had me worried for a while, as without an Internet connection I pretty much don't have a life. Or semi-life anyway. It started with me being unable to fetch LJ, just getting an error page saying something like "cannot load page (something) network (something) has been reset." I had no idea what it meant, but then it started happening with every site I tried to look at.

I tried different browsers, but they didn't work either. I rebooted the computer, and that was a fail. I fired up the old laptop for the first time in over a year, thinking it might have been a problem with the computer, but the laptop didn't work either. That meant it had to be the phone I use for a wireless hot spot. The odd thing is the desktop said I was connected, but there was no connection, which the browsers and the email program both knew. I still don't know why the computer didn't know.

Anyway, I decided to lie on the bed and read for a while and recharge the phone (in case that had something to do with it,) and then I fell asleep. I woke up around seven o'clock Thursday morning, still feeling very tired, and tried to go back to sleep for two hours but just had catnaps. I finally got up at nine and fired up the computer, and it worked, though it was unusually slow for some time. I still don't know exactly what happened, but now I'm worried that it will happen again. Another thing to worry about. It must have had something to do with T-Mobile's network, and it got fixed overnight.

It was still pretty hot Wednesday, but less than horrendous on Thursday. Both nights were pleasantly cool. The smoke has been diminishing a bit each day, but might get thicker again as the breezes drop off and the days start warming up again. But no triple digit highs are in the forecast, and no nineties loom until more than a week out. By then it will officially be autumn, though it doesn't appear that it will feel like it. It's unlikely the fires will be anywhere near out by then, so we're likely to still be breathing smoke well into fall, maybe even October.

Not feeling especially well tonight. That might have something to do with having eaten cottage cheese and potato chips instead of dinner. I just didn't feel like microwaving. Later I got up the energy to do that, and I just finished a bowl of spicy ramen. I'll probably be going to sleep early tonight, if I don't develop an ulcer. That means I'll probably be awake too early again Friday. Ah, well. Schedules are overrated anyway. Wish I had one though.

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