rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Twelve, Day Nine

Sunday was a brown day. The smoke was pretty thick all day, but not thick enough to make the sky look orange. I didn't hear any firefighting planes operating out of the airport. It was pretty dull. I slept for a few hours in the evening, after starting to read an Agatha Christie novel. My post-nap dinner was a package of udon noodle soup. I didn't much like it and will go back to ramen in the future. The ramen is cheaper anyway.

The air is a bit less smelly now, and the night is cool and feels a bit damp. An unusually loud train went by a while ago, and I could hear it for a long time. I wonder what it was carrying? Whatever it was there must have been a lot of it, as it took that train forever to pass through the town.

My stomach hurts a bit. I don't think udon noodles agree with me. I'm going to read more Agatha Christie and maybe go back to sleep. I hope it isn't as smokey today, but it probably will be.
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