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Reset Twelve, Day Seven [Sep. 12th, 2020|04:00 am]
Fair is foul, and foul is fair:
Hover through the fog and filthy air.

I wish there was fog, but there is only filth. Ash still settles, visibility is still poor, and I didn't hear any planes or helicopters flying today. There's no word on when the air will clear up enough to allow the planes to hit the fires again. At least no high winds are expected. Right now the air in Chico is barely moving. Despite the absence of the air craft, the fires didn't expand by as much Friday as they did the previous two days. The heavy smoke cloud kept temperatures down again.

While the Bear fire has covered a lot of ground quickly, the slower moving fire to the west, called the August Complex, has now consumed close to half a million acres, making it the largest recorded fire in California history, and it's only about 25% contained. The three major fires closer to the bay area are pretty close to full containment, but the recently started fire east of Fresno, the Creek fire, is only 6% contained.

Down in San Diego County, the Gender Reveal fire is about 40% contained after burning some 18,000 acres and 30 houses. It's officially called the Valley fire, but it was started by a pyrotechnic device set off at a gender reveal party. It was supposed to spew colored smoke, either pink or blue, but ended up starting a brush fire so nobody cares any more what the kid is. I for one will be very disappointed if, whatever sex it is, the parents don't name it Ashley. And I'll be even more disappointed if Ashley isn't their last kid.

It looks like I'm going to have to arrange for somebody to take my rent check to be mailed again this month. I totally forgot to make it out until today, and it needs to reach its destination in five days. That's going to be cutting it close. I've just been so distracted by the catastrophes that my disintegrating brain lost track of the time of month. Old age can be such an annoying series of piles of crap.