rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Word Explosion Befuddles LiveJournaler. Film at Eleven.

This afternoon, I logged on to the client and began writing what I thought would be a fairly short post, and the thing just growed! What with that, and the numerous interruptions, I'm only about half done with it, and don't have time to finish it now, so I've saved it to my clipboard and will try to get back to it later tonight. This is one of those sweet summer days that have been so rare in this year of infernal heat, and I want to get outdoors for a while. What is the deal with the long posts? This is the second one in the last couple of days that just got away from me. I have no idea where either of them came from. I rarely write anything very long anymore, and never set out to do so on the computer. (Sluggo overheats, you know.) Well, the inexplicable happens, I suppose. But, damn it, I'm misssing all that hot LiveJournaler Trading Card action! (Heh.)

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