rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Away Day

The stores were quite busy Friday, and the traffic was almost pre-pandemic heavy. It's no wonder that Butte-hole County has risen to #2 statewide in new coronavirus infections. We've zipped past San Benito and Madera, but Kings still has quite a substantial lead. Plus there is a new threat. Imperial County, which once held the statewide lead, is making anew move and has gained on us, also passing Madera and San Benito. I'm putting my hopes in the Labor Day weekend, when the locals will undoubtedly be unable to avoid gathering in their traditional haunts.

Perhaps the virus will cross the blood-brain barrier in some of the asymptomatic, and make them stupider, so they will be even more inclined to go out and infect a multitude of their friends. I'm thinking the woman I saw in Safeway Friday might already be there. She and her friend were maskless, and in the cheese aisle she accosted me with a conspiratorial whisper saying "sir, sir," and when I heard and looked at her she drew close and said "you know there is no real law that says you have to wear one of those...." and I impatiently interrupted her, saying "I don't really care, so just back off." She did back off, before I could add any appropriate insults, but it is she and her ilk in whom I place my faith that Butte-hole County will ultimately reach number one.

Tonight I can smell smoke in the air again, though oddly enough the moon is whiter than it has been for quite a while. It won't be cooling off much tonight, only going down to seventy, but it's going to be even warmer the subsequent four nights. I can open the windows and turn the fan on tonight, but then its going to be air conditioning at least through Monday. The current weather pattern is blowing the smoke north, so the smoke I'm smelling now is probably coming from the fire east of San Jose. It has less pine in it than the ones we have been smelling, the region it's burning being mostly dry grass and scrub oak. I'd like to say it's a nice change, but all smoke now smells pretty bad to me.

Now that the excitement of shopping is over there's nothing planned and nothing to look forward to for quite some time. I did forget to but one more six pack of beer at Trader Joe's, so I only have enough of my favorite kind on had for a bit over two weeks. It's probably still going to be too hot to go walking then, so I'll have to stretch out my supply with lesser beers, of which I have about an equal amount. Maybe it will get cool enough to make a pedestrian bee run before that runs out. If not, I'll have to arrange another ride. Beer is one thing I can't let myself run out of. That would kill me as surely as the heat, or the virus.

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