rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Third Between Day

It's heating up again, but won't break into triple digits until Saturday. Then there will be four hellish days in a row, aggravated by warm nights in the seventies. I hope this will be the last such extravagant heat wave we'll have to go through this summer. Then we can get back to the new-normal heat wave of day after day in the nineties. I've arranged for one more shopping trip Friday, and then can stay in for a few weeks, though I hope we might get a few days with highs in the mere eighties before then.

The smoke wasn't quite as bad today as before, but the moon still came up orange and will probably stay that way all night. The two large fires are getting closer to containment, the nearest one being 86% contained after burning over 375,000 acres, and the one eat of San Jose 80% contained at just a bit over 390,000 acres. California's fire season is now one of its worst on record, though it's nothing compared to what happened in Australia a few months ago. But our fire season isn't over yet, and there's still a lot of stuff burning now, so I'm sure we can close some of that gap. The Santa Cruz fire has topped 86,000 acres and is 51% contained, and the complex of fires in Mendocino National Forest, due west of Chico, is only 23% contained and nearing 290,000 acres.

Butte-hole County hasn't very far to go to to have the highest rate of new coronavirus infections in the state. We are in fourth place, with San Benito County barely ahead of us. Overtaking Kings and Madera will be a bit more work, but I'm sure we're up to it. I don't think either of those counties has a big college, so we've got a real advantage. Those kids are reckless.

Oh, look, Midnight has passed while I maundered. I'm going to eat something and then try to sleep. It's probably just as well I didn't arrange to shop Thursday. I've felt drained all day. I hope I have more energy tomorrow. I mean today.

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