rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Between Days

Tuesday turned a bit strange, but I've forgotten most of it. The strangest thing was that I found myself very tired around ten o'clock in the evening, even though I'd gotten up after noon, so I went in to the bedroom to take a short nap. The short nap turned long, and I slept for some nine hours, waking a couple of times but never fully. So I finally got up about half past seven this morning. I intended to write a journal entry soon after but somehow never go around to it. So I'm writing it now. The thing is I've pretty much forgotten Tuesday, except that I was still tired from my exhausting Monday shopping trip, and now I've mostly forgotten Wednesday as well. So it goes.

This evening I was writing out my Safeway shopping list, and intended to call my niece to arrange going out again Thursday, but forgetting that I'd gotten up so early I let the battery run down in my phone, and lost Internet. I put the phone on to charge, and with nothing to do for the next several minutes I decided to lie down and read for awhile. And then I fell asleep again. Now it's too late to arrange a shopping trip for Thursday, though it might be for the best since Safeway has a couple of things on sale Friday only. I'd rather go on Thursday when the stores are usually not as busy, but it's not a giant deal.

Anyway, aiming for Friday to go shopping again, and so Thursday is apt to be another dull day— unless there's some sort of catastrophe, of course, which is not entirely impossible. 2020 and all. I'll probably be getting to sleep fairly early tonight, unless I get hung up on the book I"m reading. I've found that if I get up early enough in the day I hear mourning doves who are hanging around the neighborhood at that hour. The yard is still fairly cool at that time of day too, and pleasant to sit in now that the nights have cooled off a bit. It's still kind o smokey out, though. I'l be glad when that's over.

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