rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Day Zero

Monday was an exhausting day. I woke up fairly early with not enough sleep, then went out to the bank, two grocery stores, two drug stores, and the Dollar Tree, and would have gone to Trader Joe's as well but completely ran out of energy. It took a nap of about three hours to recover, and then had only some ramen for dinner as I still hadn't the energy to cook any of the stuff I'd bought. I'm still not feeling very good, though the nocturnal air is cool and somewhat cleaner than the daytime air was, which is helping a bit. When I wake up today I'll have orange juice and donuts for the first time in along time, and I'm looking forward to that. This would not be the best time for me to die in my sleep.

I'll need to go to Trader Joe's within a few days, but it's still too hot for walking over there. I didn't go to Safeway this time, but their next ad comes out Wednesday and I'm hoping they have something I want this week, and then I can arrange to get there and to Trader Joe's on the same day, maybe Thursday. I'm not planning on waiting so long for my next shopping trip after that. I didn't go out for forty-one days, and it was just too long. I'm thinking four weeks is better, and five the maximum, even if I'm able to do supplementary shopping at the nearby stores between trips again once the weather cools off. When the cooling will come is moot. We have another string of triple-digit days coming up starting next Saturday, but then a high of 88 is predicted for September 15. That will be the first day with a high below 90 in about two moths.

Doping off again. I'd better sleep.

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