rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Eleven, Day Forty-one

Sunday was another day of heat and brownish sky. The fires are mostly getting close to containment, though they will continue burning for some time, bringing polluted air through much of September, and that's if progress on control continues and more fires don't get started. It's not been a great summer, and will not be turning great in its last few weeks. The most we can hope for is that autumn will be better. Write summer of 2020 off as a loss.

The afternoon brought me a visit from Taylor the lizard. S/he is getting quite chunky, possibly as a result of abundant bugs to eat in the undergrowth and decaying leaf strew that my back yard provides. I haven't seen Burt, the other lizard, for quite a while. I'd hate to think that Taylor is getting chunky because s/he ate Burt. I don't know if lizards practice cannibalism or not, but they aren't the most highly evolved species, so maybe they do.

I've made tentative arrangements to go to the bank and some stores today, and I hope I can get to sleep soon enough, and sleep better than I have lately, and then get my act together sufficiently to get ready in time for my adventure. It is an adventure, too, since Butte-hole County has, since yesterday, moved up in the state's coronavirus infection rates from number 12 to being tied for number 7. Way to go, peckerwoods! I'm sure we can beat Imperial, Fresno, San Joaquin, and San Benito Counties by tomorrow, and then only Stanislaus, Madera, and Kings will stand between us and the number 1 position! It won't be an easy victory, as those counties are full of some very stupid, foolhardy people, but I'm sure you can do it, Butte-holers!

Of course I'll be doing my part simply by going out into that petri dish, so I'll deserve at least a small part of the disgrace credit. Who knows, I might even become the dumbass who puts us over the top. Then Chico can have a parade in my honor, to spread infections enough to make sure we stay on top! Never let it be said I'm a shirker. Ain't no bone spurs on these feet!

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