rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Eleven, Day Thirty-eight

So Thursday I used the last of the lemonade I've been using to sweeten the grapefruit juice I've been using as a substitute for orange juice, and today I will use the last of the grapefruit juice itself. It can be sweetened with a bit of Squirt I've got on hand, but Saturday there will be only Squirt to drink for breakfast. It now seems unlikely I'll be able to get to a store before Monday, at the earliest, So I'm looking at three days of soft drink when I wake up, which is weird.

Speaking of weird, lately when I wake up these odd phrases that don't mean anything in particular but sound interesting have been popping into my head. I keep thinking I should try to remember them, but I never do. This is not surprising, I'm forgetting so much stuff anymore. When using the keyboard I keep hitting the wrong keys, and it's not just klutziness. I have to hunt for the letters I want on a keyboard that I memorized when I was fourteen. Maybe it's a good thing the heat has been keeping me in the apartment. If I were going out I might forget where I lived, and just wander the streets of the mostly-unfamiliar mini-metropolis until I collapsed or got arrested.

Progress on containing the multitude of fires continues, with the Napa-Solano county fire now 35% contained, having burned just short of 379,000 acres so far. The fire in Sonoma County is still burning, but the evacuation orders have been lifted for most of Guerneville, the largest town threatened by that fire. This is partly offset by new evacuation orders imposed on some areas of northwest Yolo County, though those areas are rather sparsely developed. The fire est of San Jose is also 35% contained, and almost the same size as the Napa-Solano fire. The Santa Cruz-San Mateo fire is only 24% contained, and has so far destroyed over 500 houses and over 200 other structures. The air is not a smokey as it was earlier, partly due to the slower progress of the fires. They expand more slowly they burn less and make less smoke. The slightly cooler weather and higher humidity are also helping a bit. It still stinks for much of the day, though.

The pandemic has sort of been pushed aside by the fires in local news, but while California as a whole is doing a bit better than it was for a while, Butte-hole County is one of the very few parts of the state where the infection rate is rising again. I can't find any sort of breakdown of just where and who in the area is screwing up, but the University might be a factor. At least some students have returned to campus, and at least two of them have tested positive, but there's an astonishing (or maybe not so astonishing) lack of transparency about how many students are there and what arrangements have been made for them. The University has had, at best, a mediocre relationship with the town for as long as I've been in the region, and it's always been hard to get information out of the people running that place. Most of the time that's just a pain in the ass, but now it's feeling more like a threat. Anyway, if I see any kids in CSU gear I'm going to shake my fist at them and shout "stay off my lung, whippersnappers!"

I'm really missing the crickets at night now that they aren't chirping anymore. That little back yard gets very lonely without their music.

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