rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Eleven, Day Thirty-seven

Wednesday has pretty much vanished from my memory. I do remember that for much of it I didn't even know it was Wednesday. My awareness of such things has grown vague. I think I woke up too early, and then I took an evening nap that lasted until just after midnight. Recently I opened a can of beans and ate half of them for dinner. I should be going back to sleep fairly soon.

The smoke from the fires has been intermittent. I saw an animation of the smoke spreading across a map of north America. In a large swath of states all the way to the Atlantic, if you find little bits of ash fluttering down into your yard, they might be from houses in Vacaville. Farther south, the hurricanes will be blowing them away. At this point I doubt anybody is surprised by any sort of disaster. Chicago is said to have lost thousands of its street trees on August 10 to the derecho that had already battered Iowa. What next? I'm thinking one of the Azores islands will sink into the ocean, unloosing a tsunami that will inundate the eastern seaboard. That's when Cthulhu will wake up.

It's fairly cool outside again tonight, and no air conditioning is needed. The machine will fire up again tomorrow, and every day for at least the next two weeks. We'll get a few more coolish nights before they start warming up again. Sometimes summer lingers into October in these parts. I hope this isn't one of those years, but it wouldn't surprise me if it was.

And my brain just went muddy for an hour again. Time to let it sleep.

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