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Reset Eleven, Day Thirty-four [Aug. 24th, 2020|03:56 am]
Today will be my 35th straight day confined to this apartment and its small back yard (and the driveway to the mailbox and the spot where we leave the wheelie bins for trash pickup.) I probably won't be leaving today either. I had considered arranging a trip to shop for groceries today, but there just wasn't enough stuff on sale that I wanted badly. Maybe toward the end of this week. But I think this is the longest I've stayed home since the period of isolating began. The length of it is due primarily to the prolonged heat wave. Had there been a few cool days I'ms sure I'd have gotten out to pick up some orange juice and ice cream at CVS (there have been coupons for both) and some donuts and maybe a few other items at Grocery Outlet, and probably a trip to Trader Joe's, and perhaps Dollar Tree, as I'm getting very low on tissues. But it's just been too damned hot.

Firefighting planes were able to get into the air in some places at least part of the time Sunday, so a bit more progress was made on containing some of the 28 fires currently burning in California. We might catch another break, as the weather service is currently predicting lightning storms only for the eastern Sierra region, while the areas closer to the coast could get some rain, though probably not much. But at least most of the sate might avoid getting any significant number of new fires as a result of lightning strikes. I haven't seen any sign of rain here yet, but neither have I heard any thunder. I guess we'll see as the day wears on.

Sunday morning I had a hard time getting to sleep, and later woke up several times, so I didn't get up until about two o'clock in the afternoon. My ideal time to wake up is around eleven in the morning, but that hasn't happened much lately. The later in the day I wake up after that, the sadder I'm likely to be or the rest of the day, and the night. Given how late it is right now, and unlikely it is that I'll be able to sleep before five o'clock, I'm guessing I'll be pretty sad again today. If it rains I might feel a bit better. If there's lighting I'll just add some extra anxiety to my sadness. And it's supposed to be 95 degrees. That willbe reason enough to be sad all by itself.