rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Eleven, Day Twenty-nine

The thunderstorms that came through the other day have screwed California good. Fires all over the place. When I stepped out my back door for some fresh air a while ago, it wasn't fresh, it was smokey. The smoke might have been from one of the big fires around Lake Oroville, or it might have been from a fire on the upper ridge near Stirling City, or it might have been from an enormous fire on the border of Napa and Solano counties to the southwest. I suppose the Oroville fires are the most likely source, since they are nearest, but the wind is not strong (thankfully) and I can't tell which way it is blowing. The odor has drifted away now, but it will probably return. Those fires won't be out anytime soon.

If the person from the Salvation Army who was going to bring foods I probably don't need Tuesday ever got here I missed them, which doesn't seem likely since I can hear the doorbell wherever I am in the apartment or the yard. I'm hoping this doesn't mean they'll be making another early morning phone call. I tried calling them again Tuesday morning but got the confusing phone tree again, even though it was during their regular office hours. I had to take a nap in the evening, and forgot to bring the wheelie bin back in first, and it was too late to fetch it by the time I woke up. It will have to wait until this evening.

I've been watching a live news feed on YouTube that is following the fire in Solano County, and it is now burning houses on the outskirts of Vacaville, a town of about 90,000 some 35 miles west of Sacramento and about 55 miles from San Francisco. As there were very few planes flying out of Chico airport today, I think they might have been concentrating resources on Solano County so the plane would have been flying out of some other airport. That fire is maybe 100 miles from Chico. It's likely to be an exciting day, but I hope I get to sleep through it.

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