rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Eleven, Day Twenty-eight

My goodness. Monday marked the 28th day in a row that I didn't go anywhere, except to the end of the driveway to take the wheelie bin out and check the mailbox. The parking lot was empty all day, so maybe everybody who lives here has gone back to work. There weren't a lot of airplanes flying over on Monday, But there was a good sized thunderstorm, which I mostly slept through. On nearby enormous thunderclap did wake me, but I went back to sleep.

I didn't get to sleep long though. There was a phone call just after nine o'clock. It was very confusing. Someone from the Salvation Army was asking me whether I was suffering from food insecurity due to the pandemic. Muddled with sleep, I said something about not being able to get out to shop recently, not due to the virus but due to the appalling heat. Some more confused conversation went on which I don't remember, having still been more asleep than awake, but the caller said that she would be in my neighborhood tomorrow (today) and would stop by with some food. I thought yeah, okay, this might be a dream anyway, but whatever.

After that I was unable to go back to sleep, even though I'd only slept a bit over three hours, so I sort of muddled through the morning in a daze, thinking I ought to call the person back to clarify that I'm not actually in need of food, as I'm sure many people around here in fact are, but just out of a few things I can easily do without until arrangements can be made. But then exhaustion set in and I crashed, and didn't wake up again until six o'clock in the evening. I called back then but there was only voice mail available, and the situation is too complicated to explain in that annoying medium. So it looks like today somebody is going to stop by with a care package I don't really need, and I'll have to explain it then. It's all quite weird and I don't really understand how it all happened. I hope whoever comes by doesn't do so while I am still sleeping, or it will just be a live repeat of Monday's confusing phone cal.

Anyway. The weather continues to be crap, with a high of godawful on Monday, and a low of 76 overnight, then it will be 104 on Tuesday, and a low of 75 that night. Wednesday is supposed to be only 101, and that night could get all the way down to 68, which will be marvelous if it happens, and then Thursday a mere 95 with a low of 69 that night. But then, alas, it goes back up into triple digit days and nocturnal lows in the seventies, for the next seven days. I'd be ready to throw in the towel about now, but every towel in California is probably so saturated with sweat that it's too heavy to lift, let alone toss. I guess I'll just have to go on taking the beating until I'm unconscious.

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